About Melanie the Human

Currently living in a great little city called Diemen, The Netherlands with my partner. My Springs and Summers are spent snorkeling, sailing and paddeling. My Falls and Winters are spent playing playstation games and watching movies. I like to read, run, swim and code. My favorite spot in Diemen is House of Bird, a beer brewery with a bird theme and my favorite animal is the Highland Cow.

Besides being an engineer, I am a sailor with a sailboat and a dream to sail the world in our 41 ft Jeanneau. That dream requires preparation, dedication and a lot of work. Every step of the process is awesome and exciting, so we document (almost) everything on our sailing blog Ori Under Way.

While sailing the world, I aspire to dive as far and as much as I possibly can, and create videos about the underwater world and its inhabitants. I aspire to sail the seven seas and share it. Mostly, I aspire to have a positive impact on the world, nature and people around me and leaving the world a bit better than it was.